Friday, October 2, 2015

It's More Than Just A Class!

Cottonseed Glory has dozens of exciting classes listed on our website.  There are classes for everyone: beginners to advanced, hand-sewers to machine quilters, quilters to bag-makers.  There is something for everyone.  Classes are important to take for several reasons: skills we learn in class go beyond the class description; trends in quilting are visible in the shop; different techniques can be utilized in other projects; and, perhaps most importantly, friendships with other quilters are made and kept!

The first class I took was about 7 years ago. I took a Baltimore Album appliqué class.  I didn't know how to hand applique, and my teacher was an expert.  She taught the class over the course of 12 months. We learned about stitches, thread, templates, needles, fabric and the characteristics of the Baltimore Album quilts.  Seven years later I'm still friends with many of the women I met in the class.  We meet once a month, still, and have show-and-tell and sew with each other for a few hours.  We have since moved into other projects other than the Baltimore Album quilts we were working on (well, some of us never finished those blocks), but if I hadn't taken this class I would have never met these wonderful quilters.

I encourage you to sign up for one of the classes at Cottonseed Glory.  Here is just a sample of some of the wonderful projects you can work on...and who knows who you might meet or be reunited with in class!!

New York Beauty with Pat Brousil on October 7
New York Beauty has to be on the bucket list of almost every quilter! Come learn from this wonderful paper piece technique from Pat Brousil and make some friends in the process!

Octopus Garden on October 10
This is one of those classes where the techniques and tips you learn will be used in so many other projects.  Based on a "Snail's Tails" block, Pam Harrell's quilt is fun and impressive! Learn to play with color and learn some piecing tips.

Login Cabin: Watermelon or Traditional on October 22
Just when you think you know everything there is to know about log cabin quilts, a new slick technique is taught that helps with cutting accuracy and piecing perfection.  Pam Harrell's quilt can be made in so many colors.  This watermelon quilt is sure to please! And who doesn't love purple and green together?  

Gorgeous Feathered Star on October 21 and 28
Carolyn has worked at the shop for a long time, and her expertise really shines with this stunning feathered star quilt.  Learn how to make your own with Carolyn!

Artisitic Collage Quilt with Judy Shapiro on November 1
Judy is well known for her collage pieces, and this class will set your imagination on fire!
Imagine what you can do with this new skill!

Stack and Cut Village with Carolyn Jamieson on December 12
This quilt is right on trend.  Everyone wants to make these village quilts. Carolyn's technique of stacking and cutting many layers at once and then shifting the pieces around is sure to save time and is so much fun! Come get "shifty" on the 12th of December!

These are just a few samples of the classes that Cottonseed Glory offers.  Check our website for a complete list. Classes are a social experience that takes your creativity to a new level.  You see new fabric in the shop that perhaps your would have missed.  You experience other people's creativity and start thinking of new things you could do with your work.  You make friendships that can last a lifetime.  I know I did, and I'm so thankful for that!

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